New Soft Cap

We strongly believe in our product, but the cryptocurrency market is currently oversaturated with token sale campaigns. That is why we are lowering our soft cap to ~1 M Eur (4000 ETH) and putting the mark on our roadmap, showing what the new soft cap would allow us to develop.

The hard cap (67 000 000 GEE) is not changing. If we do not reach the hard cap, then all unsold tokens will be burned.

GEE Token sale is starting on November 7, 2017 (10:00 UTC)
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GEE Smart Contracts

Today we open-sourced our main smart contracts. They can be found on our GitHub repository here:

The two foundational contracts are: GEE Token contract and GEE Token Sale contract.

The GEE Token (GEEToken.sol) contract defines the GEE as an ERC-20 Token.

The GEE Token Sale (crowdfunding.sol) contract defines the conditions for the GEE Token Sale that will start on 7th of November, 2017.

We have also prepared a documentation for these contracts and included it in the same repository.

The contracts were thoroughly tested and all parts were double checked many times.… Read more

Geens – Practical Service Based on the Ethereum Blockchain

This blog post is intended to show the commercial potential of the Geens platform.

Geens is a new and unique combination of two different services: encrypted document storage and blockchain timestamping. No one has yet combined these services into a one single and useful product as we did with Geens.

Geens end-to-end encrypted document storage is already live and is being used by more than 10 000 users. People can upload and safely store their documents on Geens. They can also share them in a secure and private way.… Read more