Unique Start-Up In Lithuania Designs Platform To Protect Privacy

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The continuing stream of global news of how some celebrity or business had its private data stolen from a cloud such as iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, and such, and the unending changes to social network privacy settings that users do not always get any notice about, make one think about their privacy. Now, more than ever, we feel there is a need to protect our digital files and data.… Read more

Instructions how to participate in GEE Token sale

Please choose bellow:
1. I am completely new to cryptocurrency
2. I already have some ETH

1. I am completely new to crypto-currency

This instruction shows how to participate in GEE Token distribution campaign for users who have no knowledge and experience in such process. We provide a simple guide showing what actions should be taken in order to receive GEE Tokens. As an example, we have selected a well-known crypto-currency exchange – Bitstamp. Other exchanges, such as Coinbase, Poloniex, Kraken, Bittrex, Bitfinex, could be used for participating in GEE Token sales in the similar manner.… Read more

GEE Token Sale FAQ

What is the Geens Platform Token (GEE)?

The Geens Platform Token (GEE) is an ERC-20 compatible utility and exchange token distributed on the Ethereum blockchain contract. In exchange of GEE Tokens, users will be able to receive and provide services on the Geens platform (for example, document timestamping, legal consultations, virtual ID validation, etc.).


How can I participate in the GEE Token distribution?

In order to participate in the GEE Token distribution, you need an ERC-20 compatible wallet. You should hold the private key for such a wallet.… Read more

GEE Token Sale

Geens Platform Token (GEE) distribution will start on the 7th of November, 2017 and will end when the hard cap is reached or after a period of one month.

Token sale website: https://tokensale.geens.com

GEE Token sale details:
Token name Geens Platform Token (GEE)
Ticker GEE
Legal qualification Utility token
Structure of token distribution 4 Tier price structure
Currency accepted in GEE token distribution Ether (ETH)
Price structure of GEE token, GEE/ETH

1 Tier, 3 days, 0.0006 ETH

2 Tier, 7 days, 0.00067 ETH

3 Tier, 10 days, 0.00074 ETH

4 Tier, 10 days, 0.00082 ETH

Total Geens Network Tokens (GEE) issued 100 000 000
Hard cap in GEE 67 000 000
Hard cap in ETH ~40 200 ETH (~12 000 000 USD)
Soft cap in ETH 4000 ETH (~1 200 000 USD)
% of GEE tokens offered to token distribution 67%
% of GEE tokens offered to the team 12%
% of GEE tokens offered to NPO community (partners, early adopters, social bounties, NPO foundation) 21%
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