There are a lot of questions from the community about the GEE bounties and bonuses.

We do our best to approve all authentic bounty and bonus claims. We have a few staff members who are approving claims manually. We try to find a middle ground that is fair for most of the users.

Sometimes it is difficult to identify authenticity of the claim. We apologize if some of your authentic claims were declined (after all, this should be just a small proportion of all the claims).

If your authentic claim was declined, you can re-submit your claim again, similarly as you did the first time. Also please check the rules again. Maybe it was declined because you submitted it wrongly.

Either way, if your claim is authentic, you do not need to worry about it – your claim will be approved sooner or later.

Please allow us up to 24 h. (Mon-Fri) to approve all pending claims. If you are still waiting after 24 h., your claim might be on hold. If this is the case, please send us your email address associated with your Geens account so that we can check your balance. You can send it to our info email, through Geens acc feedback form, through Facebook private message or Telegram. We do not provide support through Twitter.

We are happy that so many of you are participating in our campaigns. Good luck to everyone!

Details about the GEE bounties and bonuses are provided on our BitcoinTalk topic. More bounties are planned for the near future.