What is the Geens Platform Token (GEE)?

The Geens Platform Token (GEE) is an ERC-20 compatible utility and exchange token distributed on the Ethereum blockchain contract. In exchange of GEE Tokens, users will be able to receive and provide services on the Geens platform (for example, document timestamping, legal consultations, virtual ID validation, etc.).


How can I participate in the GEE Token distribution?

In order to participate in the GEE Token distribution, you need an ERC-20 compatible wallet. You should hold the private key for such a wallet. If you don’t know which wallet to use, we highly recommend MyEtherWallet. After we receive your ETH in the GEE Token sale address, GEE Tokens automatically will be sent to your ETH address (for example, in Tier 1 – you will get 100 GEE Tokens for 0.06 ETH).


Can I send ETH to the token sale address from cryptocurrency exchange?

You cannot send ETH directly from cryptocurrency exchanges, only from an ERC-20 compatible wallet. Always send ETH to your own wallet first, and then contribute from there. In case you send ETH from cryptocurrency exchanges to the GEE Token sale address, you will not be able to receive GEE Tokens.


Which cryptocurrencies will be accepted in the GEE Token sale?

Ether (ETH).


Where can I purchase ETH?

You can purchase ETH for fiat on a number of cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Bitstamp, Poloniex, Coinbase, Kraken, Bitfinex, Bittrex and others.


When will the GEE Token sale campaign start?

The Geens Platform Token (GEE) distribution will start on the 7th of November at 10:00 UTC (Tuesday). All information is provided on the official GEE Token sale page: https://tokensale.geens.com


When will the GEE Token sale be finished?

The GEE Token sale will be finished: 1) if a hard cap of 67 000 000 GEE (~40 200 ETH) is reached; 2) after a period of one month of the GEE Token sale campaign, on the 7th of December.


Is a soft cap for the GEE Token sale applied?

Yes, the soft cap of 4000 ETH is applied. If we do not reach the soft cap, users will have a possibility to initiate ETH refund procedure. For more details about the refund, please read our Terms and Conditions.


Can I mine GEE Tokens?

No, the total supply of GEE Tokens is fixed – 100 000 000.


Will there be a lockup period of GEE Tokens sold during the token sale campaign?

GEE Tokens will be locked on User’s ETH address until the end of GEE Token distribution campaign.


Is there a minimum / maximum purchase amount of GEE Tokens?

Yes, a minimum amount you need to send is 0.03 ETH and a maximum amount is 1000 ETH. If you send ETH, not in line with our minimum / maximum amount, your ETH will be returned to your account automatically.


Will GEE Tokens be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges?

After GEE Token distribution, we plan to list GEE Tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges.


What will be the initial distribution of GEE Tokens?

Token sale – 67%
Community – 21%
Team – 12%


Are users from specific countries unable to participate in the token sale?

Yes, users from the United States will not be eligible to participate in the GEE Token sale. Participation in the token sale will be subject to the terms and conditions of the sale.


More details: https://tokensale.geens.com