This blog post is intended to show the commercial potential of the Geens platform.

Geens is a new and unique combination of two different services: encrypted document storage and blockchain timestamping. No one has yet combined these services into a one single and useful product as we did with Geens.

Geens end-to-end encrypted document storage is already live and is being used by more than 10 000 users. People can upload and safely store their documents on Geens. They can also share them in a secure and private way.

Play the video below to see how it works or just register on and start using it for free.


Geens encrypted document storage is connected to the Ethereum blockchain. People can create their documents’ fingerprints and engrave them into the blockchain.

What are the potential use cases of such service?


1. Copyrights and other intellectual property protection.

Let’s say you have created an authentic work: a design, a piece of software, wrote an article, a book, composed a piece of music or anything else that can be protected by the copyright law.

Upload your work on Geens and then click timestamping button. This will create a unique fingerprint for your document. This fingerprint is a 64 characters string that represents your document. If you change your document just a little bit, you will then get a completely different 64 characters string. You don’t need to add your whole document to the blockchain and you don’t need to disclose your document’s contents. A simple 64 characters fingerprint is a sufficient proof and it will be engraved into the blockchain after you click ‘submit’.

The original document is still on Geens and it is never disclosed to anyone. When the user clicks ‘submit’, only the document’s fingerprint is engraved into the blockchain with the timestamp (year, day, time) that is incorruptible and immutable and can be used as a legal evidence.

The current timestamping feature is just a proof-of-concept and that is why it is very limited. During the further development stages we will also add features that would allow users to prove not only document’s existence but also ownership; the ability to validate document’s timestamps in an easy way; we will create a wizard that will help users to escalate the copyright infringement cases, together with “cease and desist” letter templates, official certificates and so on. Professional legal consultations and additional support will be provided by users who will work on Geens as legal advisors, consultants and validators. These users will receive GEE Tokens as a form of payment for their services.


2. Geens can also be used in order to prove that the document was signed prior to a specific date.

Imagine there are two parties and they confidentially sign a contract. In order to prove that this contract was signed, the user uploads it to Geens and then timestamps it on the blockchain.

Because of the end-to-end encryption, even Geens administrators cannot see this document. The uploaded document is private and confidential. Document’s content is never disclosed, only its fingerprint is engraved on the blockchain. Geens guarantees a total privacy of the user’s data and identity.

By using Geens, the user can prove the fact that this signed document existed prior to a specific date. Before, such services were provided by notaries, but now Geens’ users can prove the fact of existence just by using the technology. This is quicker, a lot cheaper and more comfortable than traditional notary services.


These are just two examples of documents’ timestamping on the blockchain, but there are many more possibilities. On Geens we will create these different types of blockchain engravings and will provide users with all the necessary tools and support from professionals.

Geens will provide premium services for users (more storage space, advanced features) and will receive commissions from the GEE Economy. For more details, please see our whitepaper.

GEE Token sale start date: November 7, 2017. Token sale details: