Today on we have launched the new GEE Wallets. They are based on our newly developed off-chain ledger. All our users were credited with GEE tokens that represent their real GEE on the main Ethereum network.

We have also added the history view. It allows Geens users to track their past and future transactions.

All our users can still participate in referral program and in bounty program (coming soon) to earn more GEE.

All GEE tokens will be locked and cannot be transferred to other wallets or exchanged to other tokens until the end of GEE token sale. More info about the token sale will be provided today in the next blog post.

After the token sale, all users will receive new addresses and they can withdraw GEE tokens to MyEtherWallet or any other ERC20 token compatible wallet. They can also deposit tokens to their GEE Wallets on Geens. Additional storage plans will be enabled and can be purchased using GEE tokens.

Document timestamping services will also become paid after the token sale. For now, we are keeping the current proof of concept timestamping feature on Ethereum Ropsten testnet and it can be used for free.