GEE Tokens FAQ

A few answers to the most often asked questions regarding GEE Tokens.

Q: I have transferred GEE to MyEtherWallet, but can not see them.
A: GEE Tokens currently are running on the Ethereum testnet Ropsten. If you transfer GEE to MEW, you need to select Ropsten testnet to be able to see your GEE. You do not need to worry about your transfers now, because when we go on the main Ethereum network, your Geens wallets will be credited again with the real GEE.… Read more

What is Geens?

Private document storage is the backbone of Geens platform. It can be compared to Dropbox or Google Drive, but Geens has a higher level of privacy.

Because of the end-to-end encryption, the unencrypted data never leaves users device. It is first encrypted on the users side and only then is sent to Geens servers.

High security standards guarantee that even in the worst case scenario, there are practically no chances to decrypt and steal Geens users data. More about this in our FAQ.… Read more