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Never miss the latest updates and required actions for your private and secure data. See and follow up what’s going on in all your groups and accounts.

In Geens encrypted data dashboard, notifications alert you and show ongoing activities and changes related to your account. Starting straight from the login screen or account drawer, you can see which accounts have notifications and take actions accordingly.

Geens notification systems use two types of communication, such as in-dashboard or email message. More about email notifications

Notification types

Geens will provide notifications for your encrypted data and activities in groups:

  • Subscribed items notifications
    Description changes
    Colour changes
    Role changes
    Version changes
    Generated a shareable link
    Share or Link share expiry
    Added to the template
  • Team notifications
    Invited a new user
    Updated a user
    Deleted a user
    Pending user for approval
    Confirmed a user
  • Groups & Geenodes notifications
    Template received
    Template created
    Template updated
    Template deleted
    Geenode created
    Geenode registration finished
    Geenode updated
    Geenode deleted
  • User notifications
    Email changed
    Password changed
    Password revoked
    Invitation to set up a group
    Invitation to set up a Geenode
    New Invoices

Geens will be expanding and adding new types of notifications as well as new features to your secure and private ecosystem.

Email notifications

Enable your entire project or team with configurable email notifications. Set up which types of notifications you want to receive by email. When notifications are not viewed in the Geens dashboard in 3 minutes, a corresponding Email will be sent to your inbox.

You can choose to be notified for:

  • File sharing
  • Subscribed items
  • Team members invitation
  • Template sharing

(!) Strictly necessary emails like invitation to a group, password change notification or email confirmations are essential for the system and cannot be unsubscribed.

Subscribed items

Stay up-to-date for item changes by turning the Subscribe setting on. Once turned on, you will receive notifications about changes and actions in the notification list. You can also determine the delivery method, so that alerts appear in your email inbox.

To create an alert for an item or folders, select them and click the “Subscribe” button in the attributes panel. The button will change to “Subscribed” as well as the indications icon will appear in the items list for the subscribed items.

Share and Shareable link Expiry

When sharing a file or generating a shareable link, an additional option for share expiry can be set. The system will notify users to be aware of expiry coming to the end or to be extended, if needed.
Users will get 3 types of notifications:

  • Expiry in 24 H
  • Expiry in 12 H
  • Expiry in 30 Min

Feel free to experiment and customize your user experience to find the right formula for your use-cases and stay protected with the end-to-end encrypted cloud. Keeping your data safe and private is our aim. We will continue developing and pioneering new features and functions to serve our users.