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Geens Manuals and Documentations Update

We updated our manuals and documentations for Geens Dashboard and Mobile App.


1. Geens NPO

2. Geenode User Manual

3. Geens Mobile app

4. Geens Mobile App Manual

5. Geens for Business

Feel free to experiment and customize your user experience to find the right formula for your use-cases and stay protected with the end-to-end encrypted cloud.… Read more

Geens beta app launch for Android

We are happy to announce our Geens beta app launch for Android! Encrypted file storage and blockchain timestamping for personal data is now at your fingertips. is a non-profit, non-governmental and non-corporate organisation which provides encryption technology services for businesses and individuals.

What the beta launch offers:

In the Geens app, all your pictures, documents and other data are accessible only to you and the ones you trust. You can securely share and receive data without worrying about breaches or trackers.… Read more

Geens Android Application Alpha Update (2018-02-28 v9)

Progress in the app:
Fixed file decryption when using multiple accounts;
Fixed issue when after login you could still temporarily see a login window;
Fixed ‘shared by me’ files navigation;
Correct item dates should be shown now;
Added cut/paste function;
Added info dialog when new version is available.
1. Try it out:
2. Leave a feedback: (choose your bounty type–> geens feedback bounty –> message).
And get GEE tokens to your account !

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Geens Update

More bugs fixed and extremely efficient expiry time for the shared files added on the Geens app! Check them out: HERE
Feedbacks are welcome as written in the previous post (Jan 24)!

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