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Geens NPO, in partnership with NEM foundation, aims to empower people to securely access services of the growing digital economy.

#GeensNPO #NEM #Geens&NEMpartnership Big changes start Small.

NEM Foundation is happy to announce a great partnership with Geens NPO — a Belgian non-profit organization. GEENS is a trust and privacy-oriented platform which fits very closely with NEM’s philosophy and approach. With a unique approach to personal data handling and blockchain advantages, Geens will be building a great project on NEM. The combination of two will empower people to securely access services of the growing digital economy.

Geens NPO has been operating since 2014.

Read more geeft privacy terug aan de internetgebruiker

Sinds de onthullingen rond Cambridge Analytica en de inwerkingtreding van de GDPR, staat privacy hoog op de agenda van het maatschappelijk debat. Grote internetbedrijven als Facebook en Google groeiden uit tot de moguls die ze vandaag zijn door geld te slaan uit de gegevens van hun gebruikers. Voor Leuvenaar Jaak Geens was de maat vol. Met wil hij de internetgebruiker de controle over zijn privacy teruggeven.
Click HERE for more… Read more opening event on Friday, 1st of June Leuven, Belgium opening event on Friday, 1st of June, attracted the most #privacy concerned community to build & boost it further. The President Emeritus European Council Herman Van Rompuy speech about the potential of digital renaissance with Privacy Ecosystem: to empower you and restore trust on the internet. Don’t snooze, be part!

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Must read! GDPR is about to begin. Geens demystifies how businesses and public sector organisations can handle the data of customers. Haven’t learnt from your risks? Prepare for maximum #change. You can still cover privacy rights, data security, control and governance. Geens – your devoted guide to #privacy.

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To work safely, efficiently, targeted and client driven, we need a trusted #privacy #ecosystem. Geens makes it great again with the GDPR compliant technology through end-to-end encryption and principle of zero-knowledge. Opportunity was never so obvious.

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Hello GDPR, Geens fuels implication of you for data privacy ambitions. Opportunity is here! Let’s strenghten trust between consumers and industries, let’s prosper and innovate in business.

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In Geens, privacy by design – human values based approach required by GDPR – is made in a well-defined manner. Everything is encrypted. You can efficiently implement GDPR in your company, gather clients, build extra value. From design to the core: legal compliance, unified platform and complete trust.

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The most private cloud platform to store your essential data encrypted and anonymous

Why does privacy matter for you only when it’s outrageously breached? Start considering what’s really happening…
“Any Facebook user who didn’t think their data was potentially being used must be quite foolish. For the site to run free of charge for users, there has to be some monetisation somewhere along the chain. I don’t think deleting the account would help. You might delete it but they still have the data, they just make sure you cannot access it.”

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