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Dear members of the Geens Community,
Dear investors,
Dear interested parties,

The Geens project started in 2014 and aims to create a cooperative environment to empower internet users and give them more privacy and control over their own data., a non-profit organization registered in Belgium, wants to return the created value to its users. Geens is designed to become your private place on the internet. Thanks to the Geens NPO structure these private places can never be controlled or bought by any commercial actor.… Read more

Instructions how to participate in GEE Token sale

Please choose bellow:
1. I am completely new to cryptocurrency
2. I already have some ETH

1. I am completely new to crypto-currency

This instruction shows how to participate in GEE Token distribution campaign for users who have no knowledge and experience in such process. We provide a simple guide showing what actions should be taken in order to receive GEE Tokens. As an example, we have selected a well-known crypto-currency exchange – Bitstamp. Other exchanges, such as Coinbase, Poloniex, Kraken, Bittrex, Bitfinex, could be used for participating in GEE Token sales in the similar manner.… Read more

New Soft Cap

We strongly believe in our product, but the cryptocurrency market is currently oversaturated with token sale campaigns. That is why we are lowering our soft cap to ~1 M Eur (4000 ETH) and putting the mark on our roadmap, showing what the new soft cap would allow us to develop.

The hard cap (67 000 000 GEE) is not changing. If we do not reach the hard cap, then all unsold tokens will be burned.

GEE Token sale is starting on November 7, 2017 (10:00 UTC)
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GEE Token Sale FAQ

What is the Geens Platform Token (GEE)?

The Geens Platform Token (GEE) is an ERC-20 compatible utility and exchange token distributed on the Ethereum blockchain contract. In exchange of GEE Tokens, users will be able to receive and provide services on the Geens platform (for example, document timestamping, legal consultations, virtual ID validation, etc.).


How can I participate in the GEE Token distribution?

In order to participate in the GEE Token distribution, you need an ERC-20 compatible wallet. You should hold the private key for such a wallet.… Read more