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Introducing Dynamic Roles for teams and groups!

Dynamic Roles

The feature that makes your business environment more flexible and addressing your essential needs.
The dynamic roles feature will help organize your team or clients structure while maintaining a safe and secure place to work, share and access encrypted data.

The whole dashboard interface functions enable you to customize and enhance user experience based on user type, positions or roles.

Create as many roles as you like, name them, give various permissions (e.g. download files, upload files, access to functions, etc.).… Read more

Introducing Geens#iD for teams and groups!

Geens#iD is replacing an email!

Collaborate and work faster with the teams and groups in a secure and end-to-end encrypted cloud environment. Geens#iD consists of two parts name#group. The groups or teams are predefined by the owners and you can enter any name by your own.


Here is the example of geens ID:   john#GeensNPO


With Geens#iD account you can:
  • participate in multiple teams and groups
  • have a unique password for each ID
  • secure each ID with 2FA
  • share data using recipient ID 
  • easily switch between accounts 



How it works:

The existing and new users will need to provide an email address in order to receive the invitations, notifications and confirmation emails.Read more

The All New “Blue Geens for Business”

We’ve been working hard, and finally, it’s time to reveal!
We’re excited to present the all new “Blue Geens for Business”!

Together with “Blue Geens”, we’ve updated our entire system:
• Enhanced Security
• New features
• Increased power
• More possibilities
• NEM Blockchain integration

Stay tuned: we’ll release more awesome features in 2019!
More details? Visit

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Must read! GDPR is about to begin. Geens demystifies how businesses and public sector organisations can handle the data of customers. Haven’t learnt from your risks? Prepare for maximum #change. You can still cover privacy rights, data security, control and governance. Geens – your devoted guide to #privacy.

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To work safely, efficiently, targeted and client driven, we need a trusted #privacy #ecosystem. Geens makes it great again with the GDPR compliant technology through end-to-end encryption and principle of zero-knowledge. Opportunity was never so obvious.

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The GDPR compliance date is fast approaching! Geens help organisations that are scrambling to achieve it. Geens serves individuals to own their privacy. Simply learn our key components, start using it and lead in the upcoming horizon!

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