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In Geens, privacy by design – human values based approach required by GDPR – is made in a well-defined manner. Everything is encrypted. You can efficiently implement GDPR in your company, gather clients, build extra value. From design to the core: legal compliance, unified platform and complete trust.

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The most private cloud platform to store your essential data encrypted and anonymous

Why does privacy matter for you only when it’s outrageously breached? Start considering what’s really happening…
“Any Facebook user who didn’t think their data was potentially being used must be quite foolish. For the site to run free of charge for users, there has to be some monetisation somewhere along the chain. I don’t think deleting the account would help. You might delete it but they still have the data, they just make sure you cannot access it.”

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Geens Android Application Alpha Update (2018-02-28 v9)

Progress in the app:
Fixed file decryption when using multiple accounts;
Fixed issue when after login you could still temporarily see a login window;
Fixed ‘shared by me’ files navigation;
Correct item dates should be shown now;
Added cut/paste function;
Added info dialog when new version is available.
1. Try it out:
2. Leave a feedback: (choose your bounty type–> geens feedback bounty –> message).
And get GEE tokens to your account !

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