Geens – Practical Service Based on the Ethereum Blockchain

This blog post is intended to show the commercial potential of the Geens platform.

Geens is a new and unique combination of two different services: encrypted document storage and blockchain timestamping. No one has yet combined these services into a one single and useful product as we did with Geens.

Geens end-to-end encrypted document storage is already live and is being used by more than 10 000 users. People can upload and safely store their documents on Geens. They can also share them in a secure and private way.… Read more

New GEE Wallets and free timestamping

Today on we have launched the new GEE Wallets. They are based on our newly developed off-chain ledger. All our users were credited with GEE tokens that represent their real GEE on the main Ethereum network.

We have also added the history view. It allows Geens users to track their past and future transactions.

All our users can still participate in referral program and in bounty program (coming soon) to earn more GEE.

All GEE tokens will be locked and cannot be transferred to other wallets or exchanged to other tokens until the end of GEE token sale.… Read more

What is Geens?

Private document storage is the backbone of Geens platform. It can be compared to Dropbox or Google Drive, but Geens has a higher level of privacy.

Because of the end-to-end encryption, the unencrypted data never leaves users device. It is first encrypted on the users side and only then is sent to Geens servers.

High security standards guarantee that even in the worst case scenario, there are practically no chances to decrypt and steal Geens users data. More about this in our FAQ.… Read more