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Dear early adopter, thank you for your trust by using our privacy ecosystem. not only protects your privacy but also your reputation. We were glad with the encouragements of several consultants and visionars, particularly for the unique approach to give value of data back to the owners via a Non Profit Organisation, owned by the community.

We strongly recommend you to become a NPO member (EU) or advanced user (non EU): for only 100 Euro you get 10 GB of hard disk for 5 years and – what is more – 500 GEE on your account. We reach out to the 35.000 actual users (limited to 5000 members/advanced users). The GEE will soon become a tradable currency and brings you the potential to earn back multiples of the initial membership fee.

Why? All value created on the platform (disk space, gdpr, interests, notifications, CRM solutions) goes back in the GEE-economy. Payments can be converted towards GEE to protect privacy (for example in health). So, you invest in a marketplace – not just a token. We will follow all legal rules. We hope that you like the new functionalities (and try out the Android app) – the next version is for businesses: they will feed the GEE ecosystem!

Please join us – recommend the platform to your friends – and make us strong!!!

See our membership price or visit Memberships

To become a member, all you need is to reserve 5 min and follow these steps:



1. Register on

Write your email and created password.

Check your mailbox to activate Geens account.




2. Apply for membership

Log in:

Go to “membership” and fill in your details.




3. Make a SEPA payment

Make a SEPA payment for the Geens NPO membership.

Use the provided details.

Be sure to use your actual email, otherwise, your subscription could be lost.



That’s it. Your Privacy is back. Take care of it.
Thank you for joining Geens!

We are non-profit, non-commercial, non-corporate, non-governmental and working solely
for YOU!