Geens Android Application Alpha Update (2018-02-28 v9)

Progress in the app:
Fixed file decryption when using multiple accounts;
Fixed issue when after login you could still temporarily see a login window;
Fixed ‘shared by me’ files navigation;
Correct item dates should be shown now;
Added cut/paste function;
Added info dialog when new version is available.
1. Try it out:
2. Leave a feedback: (choose your bounty type–> geens feedback bounty –> message).
And get GEE tokens to your account !

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Geens NPO Memberships

Dear early adopter, thank you for your trust by using our privacy ecosystem. not only protects your privacy but also your reputation. We were glad with the encouragements of several consultants and visionars, particularly for the unique approach to give value of data back to the owners via a Non Profit Organisation, owned by the community.

We strongly recommend you to become a NPO member (EU) or advanced user (non EU): for only 100 Euro you get 10 GB of hard disk for 5 years and – what is more – 500 GEE on your account.… Read more